Speak No Evil

"Speak No Evil"

Very provocative and honest post. Why indeed to people choose to ignore the horrible reality of rape?


I watched a twenty-four year old woman get raped today.

A man knocked her momentarily unconscious.

She came to with cuffed wrists.

He gagged her.

He whipped her.

He spread her.

He jammed his dick into her asshole.

I didn’t do anything.

I suppose I could make the excuse that it was acting.  Hollywood had convincingly “recreated” rape.

I didn’t do anything.

It wasn’t real?

And what of the hundredss of thousands of women being raped right now?

The sex-slaves.

The abused wives.

The ravaged daughters.

Are they real?

Why don’t we speak up, men?

Why are we okay with the rape, the incest, the abuse, the porn, the jokes, the sexism, the objectifications?

You ask me why I would write such a graphic post?

I ask you why you prefer ignore it?


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