What Do Bestiality Fantasies Mean?

"Bestiality Fantasies"

A fantasy about sex with an animal is so “wild” that very few people will admit to thinking such things, mostly due to the negative stigma associated with it. But does having such a fantasy mean you actually desire to have sex with animals? You certainly wouldn’t be the first person to think of such things. The practice of sex with animals, better known as bestiality, and also known as zoophilia, is a fetish that’s been around a long time. The numerous stories told in ancient folklore about sex with animals attests to this fact.

Most people today would likely regard bestiality as cruelty to animals, and it’s likely that only a small percentage of people act out this fetish in real life. But having a harmless fantasy about sex with an animal is not a likely indication that you desire to act this out in real life. However, you must admit, there is something very “animalistic” you desire, and you can be sure that this fantasy is there to help you reach an ecstatic state.

As mentioned in my first post on the meaning of sexual fantasies, we see that they are always a means of removing any unsexy feelings, like guilt, worry, and shame, so that a person can “let go” and reach climax. This basis for understanding is what I’ve learned from reading Arousal: The Secret Logic of Sexual Fantasies, by Michael J. Bader. In regards to a fantasy about sex with animals, we must remember that this is a fetish, which can mean the fantasy reduces the sexual partner to the status of a thing, (or attributes human qualities to objects, but not in this case). A fetish works by eliminating the human element present, so that the person can let go of any guilt and worry they might otherwise feel for their partner.

So combined with partner objectification, the animalistic sexual nature of such a fantasy represents a more “pure sex” with all pretense or social rules thrown out the door. It is uncomplicated and represents a desire to experience one’s most base and unchained sexual passion. The sexual partner is not human and so one can surrender to the sexual experience with impunity. And since the animal is free of all social and cultural conditioning about sex, the animal naturally responds to sex, well… animalistically, therefore freeing the fantasizer to do the same.

So if you find that sex with an animal is part of your sexual fantasy repertoire, as Bader puts it, this type of fantasy “negates any irrational beliefs that we are obliged to feel empathy and responsibility for the interior states of others.” This is similar to what we saw with fantasies of bondage and beating, but the key difference here is the fetishization – the dehumanization – of the partner, and as a result the abandonment of society’s sexual limitations and conditioning. Perhaps not everyone will have bestiality fantasies, but we must admit, we all know that some of the best sex always has that animalistic quality to it.

~ “I want to fuck you like an animal.” – Nine Inch Nails


2 Comments on “What Do Bestiality Fantasies Mean?”

  1. Kayla says:

    This isn’t entirely accurate. Yes, many sexual fantasies involving animals may be about giving up control and letting go of inhibitions, and for some it is a fetish. However, “zoosexuality” is a sexual orientation. So, for some, such fantasies are about what they really want.

    I am a zoosexual woman. I don’t “dehumanize” the male animals I fantasize about or have sex with. Yes, i recognize they are not human and don’t “humanize” them either, but I care about what they feel and want. I try to please them. I love them for what they are.

    • Courtenay says:

      Thanks for reading and for your feedback. Good to have your opinion on this. This post was specifically aimed at understanding fantasies of bestiality as explained by clinical psychologist Dr. Michael J. Bader, not the act of bestiality itself. I’m sorry if that wasn’t clear. My aim was to explain why non-zoosexuals would have fantasies of bestiality, not to explain why a practicing zoosexual would have these fantasies or why a person would be zoosexual. Hope that makes sense, but thanks for pointing out the difference since my post failed to do that.

      My first post on sexual fantasies explains further the functional logic of a sexual fantasy, which in a nutshell is to remove feelings of guilt and shame which get in the way of sexual release. You can find the original post here: http://yourbodyisperfectintelligence.com/2012/10/11/what-do-your-sexual-fantasies-mean/. Thanks again for reading!

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