Top 5 Ways To Make Your Rapist Lose His Erection

"Top 5 Ways To Make Your Rapist Lose His Erection"

Rapists rape because they want to feel powerful and in control of another person. They have low self-esteem and so must prove to themselves their dominion over others. There’s a lot of weak spots to play on here, far more than with the average man. Wouldn’t it be fucked up to turn that shit around and play on those insecurities? I’m not suggesting that anyone actually use these phrases if they are being raped, the point of this post is just to poke a little fun at rapists.

Insult His Manhood

We all know how men feel about their dicks, but to a rapist his dick is his weapon. Fuck up his head by insisting you can’t feel his penis.

(1)  Ask him “is it in? Really? Oh… are you sure?” Roll your eyes and get annoyed when he insists that it is, or laugh and say “No way! Seriously dude, I can’t feel a thing.”

Steal His Fire

A lot of rapists enjoy the satisfaction of having their victims struggle and not be able to get away, so they can feel like they have control over them. Fuck up his head by insisting that he’s fulfilling one of YOUR fantasies, that he’s not actually controlling you.

(2)  When he’s clearly enjoying you struggle, say “oh goodie, rape fantasies are my faaaaaav! Yeah, hold me down, that’s what I like, yeah!!!”

Compare Him To A Woman

In our hyper masculine culture nothing cuts down a man’s attempt at domination quite like telling him he’s womanly. It’s no different for rapists.

(3)  While he’s raping, giggle and say “It feels like you’re one of those trans folks who just has a really big clitoris.” When he gets mad, just say “don’t get me wrong, having a clit is nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Make Him Think You’re A Guy

If you just met your attacker, he probably thinks you’re just a regular lady with regular lady parts, and he wants to show women who’s boss. Fuck up his head by making him think he accidently forced himself on a dude who’s had sex change surgery.

(4)  Deepen your voice a little and say “Does it feel like a real pussy? The doctor said he was the best gender reassignment surgeon in the country.” When he pauses to look at you more closely, give him a wink, and whisper “I won’t tell.”

Scare Him With Phantom STDs

Nobody wants to catch an STD, not even a rapist, so tell him he’s in the middle of rubbing herpes all over his dick.

(5)  “Could you move a little to the left? You’re really chafing my herpes blisters. Thanks.”

If you have any boner shrinker ideas for rapists, please share in the comments 🙂


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